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Rain and Rivers

  1. Bottleneck Blues
  2. A Line in the Sand
  3. ‘Til My Heart Gives Out (mountain song)
  4. Down the Tracks
  5. Your Style
  6. Another Bar in TX
  7. Sunday Nights
  8. The Spoils of War
  9. The Riverbed
  10. Tributaries
  11. Your Existential Hero
  12. The Wolves

The Lusitania’s most recent release “Rain and Rivers” came out October 3rd, 2010. It was released on Civil Defense League Records, an Indie Label based out of El Paso, TX. The recording process took place over the year preceding the release. The album was recorded at Clap of Thunder Studios in El Paso, TX with engineer Gabriel Gonzalez and producer Jim Ward. The record can be taken as the flagship record of the studio.

The recording process brought together some guest musicians. Wesley Hovis and James Cordova provided the brass additions while Gabriel Gonzalez contributed string arrangements along with lap steel and mandolin. Gang percussion and vocals were provided by a niche of the El Paso Indie Music Community.

The Lusitania feels this to be the best representation of their sound to date; capturing a large frame of time in the songwriting process as well as the recording process.

VivaCreativeGroup contributed the artwork and is a key member of Tembloroso Creative Lab, the artistic El Paso collective responsible for the distribution and creation of many El Paso art ventures.

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