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East Coast and Back

August 7, 2011

The past 19 days we have been on the road heading through the midwest to New York, down the east coast to North Carolina, and back across the South to our home in El Paso. Here are some photos from that trip. We’d like to thank all the old friends we saw and the new ones we made along the way!

ate 0.59 tacos in Lubbock, TX played with our friends Estelline

Tour buddies Kentucky Knife Fight, Amarillo, TX  (played first 4 shows with them)

stayed in some shitty motels

slept in some coffee shops after overnight drives

Met up with our friends the Thrift Store Cowboys in Springfield, MO

The arch in St. Louis, very impressive

more touristy stuff in Chicago

spent a couple of nights in the great state of ohio, played with some two cow garage members, part of our suburban home family

Found our Brooklyn family for a few days!

Then we must have gotten lazy and did not take any pictures on the way home.

August 19th we will be in Tucson, AZ and heading west for 2 1/2 weeks. Check the dates out in the shows page. All shows will be with Jim Ward. We will be returning to Chicago, Oklahoma City, and Austin in the next few weeks. Love and thanks to those who accomodated us!

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